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    The best vintage camera app to create stunning vintage photos by vintage filters

    Vintage camera will give you the best tools for editing vintage photos. It's simple and easy to edit beautiful vintage photos even if you don't know photoshop, with a hots of retro filters, vintage effect, stickers and frams.

    With vintage camera, you can create stunning vintage photos like photos taken from a vintage polaroid camera or an old film camera, a trend of taking and editing photos that is being loved by many young people today.

    Retro camera is considered to be the trendy photo capture and editing application. Thanks to vintage filters and effects, it is possible to create the most natural artistic photos such as old vintage-style film photos.

    With vintage camera, you can edit your vintage photos pro, take your creativity to new heights and directly share your art photos on social media: Facebook, Instagam, Twitter, Lindker, Whatsapp, ...


    Hundreds of vintage filters and photo effects.

    Photo editing tools are easy and convenient, smart

    Blur photo editing effects

    Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, templ, hue, ...

    Cropping effects and photo ratios suitable for Instagam

    Lovely sticker set

    Art Photo frame effects

    Easily undo and redo photo editing operations

    Automatically save photos to the phone's photo gallery

    Share photos on social networks easier than ever


    ✔️ More than 40 filters about: vintage, retro, black & white, film, landscape, colo boots, ...

    ✔️ Adjust bright, contrast, saturation, hue, temp, blur, tint, ...


    Let’s highlight your photo with vintage effects:

    Photo filters: vintage, old, retro, ...

    Photo blur effect

    Photo vignette effect

    Photo sharpening effect

    Insert lovely stickers and art frames

    And many other interesting features wait for your discovering


    With Vintage camera: Vintage photo filter, retro camera , you don't need to know photoshop, don't need to be a professional photographer, don't have to have a professional camera , You can completely to create your own artwork style, by choosing the Vintage filters are available and then edit or create your own photo retouching recipe.


    After photo editor, you can directly share your artwork immediately with relatives, or on social networks for everyone to admire.

    That's great, is’n it! Install Vintage camera: Vintage photo filter, retro camera now, the best photo taking and editing app for your phone, to be the most popular photo editing trend in 2020.
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