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    Set your smartphone to Airplane Mode before you charge it. The battery will recharge twice as fast! It’ll just take a shower and a coffee to be fully loaded!

    I just tested it on my iPhone, but it should work with all the phones with ‘Airplane Mode’ I guess.

    It’s quite simple actually. Your phone charges much much faster (for obvious reasons) if you switch it off. But considering no one likes to go through that pain of switching on and off your mobiles these days, Airplane Mode becomes your saviour if you’re running short on time!

    Similarly, if you’re running low on battery, flipping on airplane mode might be handy for saving precious power.

    Another Quora user suggested that the method works because the biggest sources of power drain on phones is 3G/4G and WiFi. Even if you’re not using it the apps on your phone are constantly searching for a signal and trying to get updates. You can extend your battery life enormously by turning these off and/or removing unnecessary apps.

    Go on, try it and let us me in the comments below if it works for you. This would be immensely useful if you forgot to charge your phone and are rushing out, but have a couple of minutes to spare for the battery charging while you get ready.
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    Cái này phù hợp với buổi tối thôi, chứ để airplane mode cái là đống người réo :(

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